At least 10 people have gone missing after a cargo ship sank in the Black Sea off Turkey, reports say, according to BBC.

The Cambodia-registered ship, Vera, which was said to be sailing from Russia to Turkey`s Aliaga port, sank during a storm.

The people missing are said to be Polish crew members.

A search operation is under way. Two crew members were rescued as coastguards searched for the other personnel.

The vessel capsized off the Turkish city of Zonguldak, Turkish TV channels reported.

"By the time the coastguard arrived in response to the distress call, the ship had already sunk," Irfan Erdem, head of the Chamber of Commerce for the local Eregli region, told Turkish television.

He said the storm was likely to have caused the ship`s cargo to shift, tilting the vessel to the side and causing it to take on water.

Turkey has been hit by bad weather and a cold snap over the past week, like many parts of Central and Eastern Europe.