The Head of Ukrainian Government Yuriy Yekhanurov and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Vasile Tarlev participated in the opening of the 12th session of the mixed Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Moldovan Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, according to the government’s press-office.

      When opening the session Prime Minister of Ukraine described the key issues which are on the agenda of the bilateral commission.

      Yuriy Yekhanurov noted that for the last four months since the previous session of the commission definite steps has been taken in the development of bilateral relations and the agreements have been reached both on a level of the highest leaders and the commission.

      Besides, according to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, in accordance with Joint statement on ensuring efficient control at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, since March 3, 2006 free passage of the shipment of any goods across Ukraine is given only to those shipments that have a stamp from Moldovan customs.

      As a result of the meeting of the Energy Ministers of two states in April, a Joint Letter to the president of Energy European Community has been sent in which Ukraine and Moldova confirmed their positions regarding power systems integration into the Synchronous Zone of Energy Community.

      Another step towards deepening cooperation, according to Yeriy Yekhanurov, is the signing by the Ministers of Transport of the Intergovernmental Agreement on navigation through the territorial waters.

      Difficult problems have been solved at the railway concerning new routs for freight and passenger trains passing over Trans-Dniester because of self-isolation of this region.

      Premier worries about decrease in turnover between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. For the last five years such a negative tendency has been observed for the first time. According to Yuriy Yekhanurov the governments must take measures aiming at pushing aside all obstacles in further development of bilateral trade and economic relations.

      It is necessary to establish that there is a number of challenging issues in the bilateral relations, Prime Minister of Ukraine emphasized. In particular, it concerns environmental safety while building oil–transport object in the district of Dzhurdzhuleshty as well as functioning of the Dniestr hydroelectric power plant.

      In Yuriy Yekhanurov’s opinion, the sides shall use the experience of similar or even more difficult problems in the Ukrainian-Moldovan relations. Such as border delimitation, custom issues, recognition of property rights.

      The Head of Ukrainian Governments is confident that the European way of mutual understanding and solidarity will help in solving challenging issues and testify our firm aspiration for European integration.

      From his part the Prime Minister of Moldova Vasile Tarlev noted that during the last period the bilateral dialogue is developed at a resolute pace. Ukraine remains one of the most important trade partners of Moldova, having the 4th place in export and the 2nd in merchandise and services imports. At the same time, according to him, the dynamics and volumes of trade and economic cooperation do not conform to the potential of the two states. According to Prime Minister of Moldova, it is necessary to broaden interaction between direct commercial agents. Industry, fuel and energy complex and agroindustrial complex are cooperation priorities, Premier of Moldova stated.

      Moldova is interested and completely supports Ukraine’s entrance into WTO and other regional and international organizations, Vasile Tarlev stressed.