A train that derailed in Croatia after hitting a snow drift was carrying Ukraine`s national futsal team and ground to a halt a few meters short of a deep ravine, Ukrainian media reported Wednesday, according to RIA Novosti.

The accident occurred late Tuesday on the line connecting the capital Zagreb with the Split, near the town of Knin. No injuries were reported. Croatia is hosting the European Futsal Championships.

Ukrainian daily Sport Today quoted the coach of the national team Gennady Lysenchuk as saying the train came off on a bend in the tracks.

"The train plowed through the gravel for about 40 meters," Lysenchuk was quoted as saying. "A little more and it would have fallen down the precipice."

"Thank God that was avoided. The thing stopped 10 meters from the ravine, which is really steep and deep, at least 100 meters," he was quoted as saying.

Another train was sent from Zagreb to collect the passengers, he said.

Ukraine, runners-up in consecutive 2001 and 2003 European championships, lost on penalties to hosts Croatia in Monday`s quarterfinal.