Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsenko is convinced that the position of UN, reducing Ukraine’s participating in peacemaking missions, is “inadequate”.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this to journalists in Kyiv today.

      He stated that during the last year, the Ukraine’s participating in peacemaking missions was reduced: “we left Lebanon and did not enter, as planned, the Golan Heights”. (155 Ukrainian peacemakers were due to begin a mission at the Golan Heights as early as in August of the last year.)

      A.Hrytsenko believes that on one hand, there were significant remarks to the Ukrainian peacemaking contingents, which violated the rules of resources management, but, on the other hand, the UN response is not really adequate.

      “I, as a citizen, may say that in my opinion the position, when the next missions are subject to sanctions, is not convincing”, the Minister said.

      “If we had problems in Lebanon, we checked them up, we held revisions and instituted proceedings against the people who committed the violations, and informed UN about this. In our opinion, it was a convincing answer, which could put an end to this problem”, he added.

      He stressed that Ukraine will actively defend its stance in UN. The Minister pointed out that the fact that some military men committed violations a year ago cannot influence other military men in another country. This is not stipulated by any criminal or ethic code.

      “This must not happen, moreover, the violations, which were committed in the Ukraine’s peacemaking contingent, are typical for all contingents of all countries”, A.Hrytsenko said.