Pro-presidential bloc Our Ukraine Monday condemned a resolution by Russia`s lower house of parliament that could affect the Crimea, a Ukrainian region with a mostly ethnic Russian population.

On an initiative from a Liberal Democratic Party deputy, Russia`s State Duma Friday instructed two of its committees to ask the government about steps being taken to return the Crimea to Russia.

The Our Ukraine’s statement reads as follows: “Political provocations which some Russian politicians make from time to time during the history of Ukraine’s independence reached their peak on May 26, 2006 when the State Duma decide to make an inquiry to the government of the Russian Federation concerning a possibility to annex Crimea to the Russian Federation (according to the treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji 1774).

The Our Ukraine bloc states that the higher legislative body of Russia mustn’t take political decisions on the base of historical events that took place two hundred and fifty years ago. We are sure that modern international relations mustn’t be built according to the Enlightenment Age’s agreements but should consider present-day political realities.

It is worth reminding that the treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji of the year 1774 was between Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, two states that do not exist today. Similar interpretations of certain Russian politicians may provoke radical Ukrainian political forces to take analogical steps, for example annex all Kyiv Rus land to Ukraine, including Moscow and Kuban”

The Our Ukraine bloc is convinced that international relations must be based on a principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of all modern states. We stand for development of friendly relations and partnership between Russia and Ukraine and continuation of the process of the border delimitation in particular.

The Our Ukraine bloc blames a practice of “historical manipulations” and thinks that it not only has damage on Ukrainian-Russian relations but make qualified fools of the State Duma members.