With 99.3 percent of the votes counted, President elect Vladimir Putin has won 63.75 percent of the vote, the Central Election Commission announced on Monday, according to RIA Novosti.

His nearest rival Gennady Zyuganov gained 17.19 percent, with independent Mikhail Prokhorov at 7.82 percent, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky on 6.23 percent. Sergei Mironov came in last with 3.85 percent.

Turnout was calculated as 65.3 percent with 99 percent of ballots counted.

In Moscow, Putin gained 47.22 percent of the vote with 96 percent of the ballots counted, with Prokhorov gaining 20.21 percent, Moscow city election committee head Valentin Gorbunov said.

"A close struggle went on all night for second place and in the end Prokhorov got it," Gorbunov said.

Zyuganov came a close third in the capital with 19.12 percent, Zhirinovsky won 6.35 percent and Mironov gained 5.04 percent.