A new archaeological discovery in Guatemala has proven that a Mayan claim that "2012 will be the last year for human beings" is totally groudless, according to media reports Friday, according to Xinhuanet.

Several years, archaeologists found calendars on walls of a small building in Guatemala that  ended by the date of Dec.21. 2012.

The new discovery, a brightly adorned figure of a Mayan king and calendars on the walls, disproved the claim of "world ending."

The newly-found calendars were used by Mayans to count the time of movement of the moon, Venus and Mars that displayed the accurate motion of year, month and day.

That is to say, the previous record of the Mayan calendars, claiming "the end of the world coming in 2012," was totally grounless. 

According to Marc Zender, Mayan expert from Tulane University in America, these newly-found calendars “head much further into the further than the supposed 2012 doomsday date.”

Ancient Mayans were believed to be masters of time, keepers of good calendars.