The eighth annual roundtable of the Ukraine`s Quest for Mature Nation Statehood series will be held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC on Tuesday/Wednesday, Oct 16-17, 2007, according to the Steering Committee of the roundtable. This year, the forum will be entitled "Ukraine-EU Relations". The Steering Committee includes William Miller, Co-Chair, Bob Schaffer, Co-Chair, Oleh Shamshur, Co-Chair, Walter Zaryckyj, Program Coordinator.

      The two day conference will bring together government and key non-government representatives of Ukraine, the EU and the US, as well as experts from the world of academia to examine and evaluate Ukraine`s capacity to "thrive alongside" its great Western neighbor as well as its readiness, if asked to join, to eventually "thrive inside" the European Union.

      To facilitate the said examination, the event will run four regular sessions featuring eight panels, six highlight focus sessions, two working lunches and two conference receptions. In total, nearly seventy speakers are expected to address the conference proceedings.

The list of invited speakers includes: Bob Schaffer (AFMC), Paula Dobriansky (US Under Secretary of State), Oleh Shamshur (UA Ambassador to the United States), Andrii Veselovski (Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine), Orest Deychakivsky (CSCE), Hryhoriy Nemyria (BUT), Ellen Bos (Andrassy University), Nelson Ledsky (NDI), Steven Nix (IRI), Fred Kempe (Atlantic Council), Kostyantyn Hryshchenko (RPU/APM), Borys Tarasyuk (OU/IEAC), Pawel Zalewski (FRC/Sejm), David Kramer (DAS/EEA/DOS), Adrian Karatnyckyj (Orange Circle), Oleksandr Todiychuk (MOU/UA-EC), Igor Chalupec (PKN-Orlen/Fmr. Pres.), Friedemann Muller (Inst. for Int`l & Sec. Affairs), Keith Smith (CSIS), Tom Spellman (Halliburton), John Micgiel (Columbia University), Janusz Reiter (PL Ambassador to the US), Morgan Williams (SigmaBleyzer, US-Ukraine Business Council), Yuri Yekhanurov (Fmr. UA Prime Minister), David Sweere (Kyiv-Atlantic Farms), Urszula Gacek (Senat Rzeczpospolitej), Anders Aslund (Peterson Institute), Nadia McConnell (USUF), Mykhajlo Volynets (CITU/UA), Robert Fielding (AFL-CIO/UA), Marek Matraszek (CEC), Keith Crane (RAND), Jan Bugajski (CSIS), Klaus Scharioth (DE Ambassador to the US), Vitkor Nikityuk (UA DCM to the US), Ilko Kucheriv (DIF), Joao De Vallera (Ambassador of Portugal to the United States), Jan Pieklo (PAUCI), Yuri Sergeyev (UA Ambassador to the UN), Audrius Bruzga (Lithuanian Amb. to the US), Steve Pifer (CSIS), Nico Lange (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung), Roman Shpek (UA Delegation to EU), Michael Gahler (FRC/Euro-Parliament), Ariel Cohen (Heritage Foundation), Herman Pirchner (AFPC), Zbigniew Brzezinski (Senior Counselor/CSIS), F. Steven Larrabee (RAND), Oleksandr Biletsky (European Movement/UA), Oleksandr Sushko (CPCFPU),Volodymyr Dubovyk (CIS/ONU), Yuri Scherbak (Kyiv Mohylian University), Hryhoriy Perepylytysa (Dipl. Academy/UA), Lewis Madanick (Open World/LOC), Bohdan Sokolovski (State Secretariat), Bogdan Klich (Euro-Parliament), Steven Sestanovich (Columbia University), Ilan Berman (AFPC), Yevhen Kaminsky (IWE/NASU), James Sherr (Sandhurst), Celeste Wallander (Georgetown Univ.), William Courtney (CSC/Dyncorp.), Angelos Pangratis (Dep. Head of the EC Delegation to the US), William Miller (WWIC), Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), Robert Bensh (Cardinal Resources).

      The sponsors of the roundtable are the American Foreign Policy Council, Atlantic Council of the United States, Center For US-Ukrainian Relations, Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, Columbia University/ECEC, Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Embassy of Ukraine to the United States, Harvard University/BSSP, International Republican Institute, Johns Hopkins University/SAIS, National Democratic Institute, New York University /LAP, UA Center for Strategic Studies, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, US-Ukraine Foundation.

      Fill out the online registration and submit online or print out registration form and fax to 212 473 2180 or print-out registration form and mail.

      All completed registration forms [and donations] need to be sent online, by fax or by mail to:

      Center for US Ukrainian Relations, 43 St. Mark`s Place, New York, NY 10003.

      For further information, kindly contact Marta Kostyk, UA Quest RTS Technical Coordinator, by phone: (212) 473 0839, fax: (212) 473 2180, or e-mail: [email protected], at your convenience.