Memorandum On Partnership between the Government of Ukraine and The Sun Land Group Corp (USA) in the person of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev and The Sun Land Group representative Jose Daniel Mejia has been signed today, according to the government’s press-office.

      Decision on the above-mentioned partnership has been approved at the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 26 September 2007 with the purpose of preparing proposals on scale attraction of investment to the economy of Ukraine.

      Within the framework of fulfillment of the Memorandum, taking into consideration scheduled measures on preparing Ukraine for hosting the final tournament of the European Football Championship in 2012, it is planned to attract the corporation to introducing projects on reconstruction and building the road infrastructure aimed at improving their quality up to the world level, increasing highway capacity and maximal usage of transit potential of our country.

      According to Vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev, it is scheduled to build 2143 km of new roads, reconstruct 1132 km and thorough repairs of 5 thousand km of roads till 2012. The program implementation requires 124,5 billion UAH.

      Coming consequences of the Memorandum fulfillment mean ensuring of accelerated economic development of Ukraine owing to attraction of non-state capital, building an infrastructure and creating new work places including services and more efficient usage of the available resources.