“We note that the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) observer mission preliminary assessment reports that the September 30 elections were conducted mostly in line with international standards and in an open and competitive environment”, reads the statement of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William B.Taylor on the Ukrainian parliamentary election. According to him, the ODIHR preliminary assessment matches “the preliminary assessment of our Embassy observers in the field. We will continue to follow election returns closely.”

”We are waiting for the final results to be announced by the Central Election Commission which we hope will occur shortly”, the Ambassador notes.

A positive final assessment of these elections would be a powerful reaffirmation of Ukraine’s commitment to democracy and confirm Ukraine’s position as the region’s democratic leader, the statement reads. “We call on all political parties to move quickly to form a government that reflects the will of Ukrainian voters in order to address the important issues facing the nation. We are ready to work with whatever government is formed as long as it reflects Ukraine’s democratic choice”, the Ambassador notes.