Flight attendants for Germany's largest air carrier Lufthansa will hold another strike on Tuesday in Berlin’s Tegel airport, the country's flight attendant union UFO announced in a statement, according to RIA Novosti.

Over 100 Lufthansa’s flights were cancelled last Friday in an almost eight-hour long strike of flight attendants in Frankfurt that left up to 26,000 passengers stranded.

The statement also said that UFO representatives regret all inconveniences that will be caused to passengers, but they can do nothing about it.

Flight attendants demand a 5-percent increase in wages. Negotiations between the UFO and the employer have not been successful as of yet.

Because of the financial crunch, Lufthansa plans to lay off 3,500 employees and economize 1.5 billion euros over the next three years. In order to reduce its costs Lufthansa plans to reform its subsidiary airline Germanwings and partially move there Lufthansa employees by paying them lower wages.