Kyrgyzstan is surprised with the statement of Ukraine’s deputy Economics Minister Valeriy Piatnytskiy that Bishkek avoids the negotiations process with Ukraine.

This is said in the statement of the Kyrgyz Ministry for Economical Development in response to the interview of Valeriy Piatnytskiy with Mirror Weekly newspaper (#36, 29 September – 6 October).

The statement, which was forwarded to UNIAN agency, reads: “On the whole, the tone of the Mr.Piatnytskiy’s interview, which touched upon some aspects of the bilateral talks concerning the Ukraine’s WTO entrance, bewildered the Kyrgyz side. The statement that Kyrgyzstan avoids Ukraine in talks is merely another one of the series of PR-campaigns, aimed at deluding the interested sides about the real state and contents of the bilateral Ukrainian-Kyrgyz talks”.

The statement stresses that Ukraine, acting in such a way and unwilling to make any commercial concessions, “tries to finish the process of talks by any means, including by means of putting political pressure upon Kyrgyzstan through WTO member countries”.

Kyrgyzstan stresses that its delegation, accredited at WTO in Geneva, “not only do not avoids, but also actively participates in all official and unofficial sessions of the Working Group for Ukraine’s Entering WTO, and always met the desires of the Ukrainian side, responding to proposals to carry out talks at any level and in any time.

With the statement of V.Piatnytskiy, they believe in Bishkek, Ukraine made an attempt to create an impression for other WTO member countries about a “silent consent” of Kyrgyzstan to finish the negotiations process. “This position is unacceptable.

Kyrgyzstan is ready, as earlier, to continue bilateral commercial talks”, the statement stresses.

As it is known, in his interview with Mirror Weekly, V.Piatnytskiy claimed that Ukraine and Kazakhstan have “not a traditional process of talks, which is common with WTO members, that is, when there is a reasonable inquiry from their side, basing on the already existing flows of goods and services, and which is aimed at improving and facilitating the commercial relations. As of today, we have an agreement on free trade with Kazakhstan. That is, everything is rather simple: zero duties, there are no barriers, no withdrawals. The volume of trade is rather small. That is why the behavior of Kazakhstan, which, practically, avoids us, is very strange”, V.Piatnytsiy claimed.