Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, staying with a one-day’s visit in Moscow, held a meeting with the Head of Russian Government Volodymyr Zubkov, according to the government’s press-office.

The event particularly concerned the prospects of cooperation in energy sphere. Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that Ukraine attaches great importance to cooperation with Russia in fuel and energy domain.

The PM highlighted that signing an agreement concerning settlement of gas debt issue would afford to solve this problem after all. “We have created a reliable mechanism affording us to regulate this problem,” the Head of Ukrainian Gov’t said.

In his turn, the Head of Russian Government noted that successful settlement of urgent issues such as gas debt would contribute to the strengthening Russian-Ukrainian relations.

In the process of discussion Viktor Yanukovych also informed that this year Ukraine has pumped into its gas storages 4 bn cu. m of reserve gas for European consumers which proves the possibility to up gas supplies to Europe in the future. According to the Premier Ukraine is capable to increase oil amounts supplied to Europe either.

The other issue for consideration of Ukrainian and Russian Government included construction of Bogorodchany-Uzhgorod gas pipeline.