During the CMU sitting Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stressed on the importance to ensure timely implementation of arrangements with Russia, European Union and World Trade Organization, according to the government’s press-office.

      On the outcomes of the visit to Russian Federation the Head of Govt informed that Russia is expecting stability in relations from Ukraine. According to Viktor Yanukovych, the agenda concerns gearing up for Yushchenko-Putin Interstate Commission sitting.

      “We have created 11 subcommissions. Dear colleagues, heads of subcommissions, I gave a task yesterday, signed a commission – we should immediately sum up and prepare Yushchenko-Putin Interstate Commission which is to take place within the nearest time. In the aftermath Intergovernmental Commission is to be held and we have to work in synergy in every direction and every branch to conduct subcommissions within the nearest period. And to sum up in all priority directions. We must fix tight terms and fulfill those tasks we have set ourselves,” Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.

      At this, the Head of Govt noted the Russian Premier Viktor Zubkov sticks to this position either.

      Besides, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that the Government must fulfill all the tasks in compliance with the fixed terms pertaining to the strategic trends in foreign policy. First of all, it refers to the issues of preparing a new decennial agreement with the European Union and accedence of Ukraine to the WTO.

      “We must immediately return to the question of the run-up of agreement with the EU and till the week’s end to consider the state of this problem. To proceed is the WTO. All that is necessary and what can be done – we must do. Life shows that we should never hang fire but tackle every direction effectively,” Viktor Yanukovych highlighted.