Former Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor won in the second and final round of the presidential election on Sunday to lead the country for the next five years, the country’s State Election Commission said, according to RIA Novosti.

With 99.9 percent of the ballots counted, Pahor garnered 67.4 percent of the vote, while his closest and the only contender, incumbent President Danilo Turk, secured 32.6 percent of the vote.

Sunday's turnout stood at 41.9 percent out of 1.7 million registered voters, which is the lowest turnout since Slovenia gained independence in 1991.

The country held the second round of the presidential election as both Pahor and Turk failed to pass the necessary 50-percent threshold in the first round in early November. Pahor is expected to take the office on December 23.

Turk has already admitted his defeat and congratulated Pahor with the victory. He also thanked Slovenians for the trust and support during his years of the presidency.

Chosen for a five-year term, the president is a largely ceremonial post in Slovenia. He, however, is a commander-in-chief of the army and the one who proposes candidates to head the national bank.