The governmental committee on humanitarian and social policy issues headed by the vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Kyrylenko has supported a decree “About approval of a conception of a state program of co-operation with Ukrainians abroad for the period till 2010”, according to the Our Ukraine press-office.

“The program is aimed at strengthening ties with Ukrainians living abroad and their NGOs – Mr. Kyrylenko said. – It will favor distribution of information about our state”.

According to the vice-premier, the program foresees an activation of co-operation with Ukrainians aboard in the field of science, culture, tourism and information, trade and economic and scientific co-operation, holding common actions aimed at a future development of sport relations and youth movement”.

Elaboration and implementation of the program will be realized under support of the leadership of Ukrainian and foreign NGOs, the “Ukraine-World” society, the Ukrainian world coordination council, the World congress of Ukrainians in particular.