In connection with the adoption by the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the law “On the Suspension by the Russian Federation the Action of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe” (CFE), the MFA of Ukraine reiterates its anxiety as to the Russia’s non-observance of its treaty obligations what will result in a significant deterioration of the control regime over the conventional armaments in Europe.

According to the MFA press-service, Ukraine, as one of four states, which has ratified the Agreement on Adaptation of the CFE considers that this step jeopardizes further existence of one of the corner-stone legal mechanisms of the European security and can become a spur for resumption of the atmosphere of distrust on the continent.

 Ukraine is specially worried that the suspension of the Treaty action can lead to the expansion the conventional armed forces directly on its borders.

 Confirming the fundamental role of the CFE as an one of the most important factors for preserving the European security and taking into account the anxiety of all Treaty member states the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls on all parties to proceed with negotiations with a view to resume the process of taking effect by the Agreement on Adaptation of the Treaty.