On 8 November 2007 the Cabinet of Ministers sitting has adopted a resolution “On amendments to the Rules of drawing up visa documents for entering Ukraine” which simplifies an order of visa issuance for foreigners’ entering Ukraine who are involved in preparation and holding of all measures of the Euro 2012 Football Championship in Ukraine, according to the government’s press-office.

Earlier the rules of drawing up visa documents for entering Ukraine envisaged an opportunity of drawing up visa of period of validity to 5 years only for the Ukrainians (P2 visa).

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“Beginning 1 January 2008, according to the Government’s decision, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk stressed, we introduce visas of new “F” type which would be issued for the period to five years but not more than one year after the championship completion for employees and officials of the authorized UEFA company, associated members of the UEFA or members of a delegation participating in championship, or commercial partners, mass media representatives, or any other persons accredited by the UEFA in connection with holding championship.

As Dmytro Tabachnyk noted: “These steps will allow actively holding consultations and attracting experts and investors representatives while preparing and holding all necessary events of Euro 2012.