On November 19, 2007 Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kostyantyn Yeliseyev met with head of the EU delegation of experts in elimination of consequences of the ecologic catastrophe in the Kerch channel, the European Commission Political Adviser Faousi Bensarsa, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s press-office.

 At the beginning of the meeting, the EU representatives expressed sympathy with the Ukrainian party in connection with the tragic death of miners at the Zasyadko Mine which took place on November 18.

 The parties discussed the possibility of rendering assistance by Brussels to Ukraine in connection with black oil fuel and sulphur leakage which took place in the result of the accident in the Kerch channel. According to the statement of the representative of the European Commission, EU is willing to employ series of assistance tools for Ukraine in order to eliminate the consequences of this catastrophe including ecologic evaluation by the EC experts.

 It is intended that upon the respective meetings with representatives of the local authorities in Kyiv, the EC delegation will depart directly to the Kerch channel region in order to get acquainted with the situation at the scene.

 Mr. Yeliseyev thanked the European party for the efficient response to the situation which arose in consequence of the ecologic disaster in the Kerch channel.

 As is known, respective assistance to our state by the EU is rendered in the framework of the bilateral Administrative Agreement signed in May.