Every third citizen of Ukraine believes that Russia demands from Ukraine exaggerated gas price, without taking into account that the two countries are neighbors.

These are the results of a poll, publicized at a press conference today by Oleksander Levtsun, sociological programs director of “Sofia” social research center.

In particular, some 33% of those polled believe that Russia, without taking into account the neighbor relations, demands Ukraine to pay market price for gas. At the same time, some 27.4% of those polled believe that the issues concerning gas supplies are solved within frames of neighbor relations, as Russia forms the gas price, taking into account the paying capacity of the Ukrainian population. At the same time, some 27.3% of those polled are convinced that Russia misuses its monopoly position and exaggerates the gas price.

On the whole, some 32.9% of respondent assess Russia as a friendly state and strategic partner, some 35.1% - as a commercial and economical partner, and some 19.2% - as an economical and political partner.

The poll was carried out during November 9-15 of 2007, by “Sofia” SRC. On the whole, 1227 respondents in all regions of Ukraine were polled. The error margin does not exceed 3%.