United States business and scientific circles considers GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) one of the strongest international organizations, according to Trend news agency. Such a statement was made at the conference Regional Cooperation in Caspian and Black Seas region dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of GUAM in New York on 4 December, Agshin Mehtiyev, a permanent representative of Azerbaijan in the UN, said from New York on 5 December.

The conference was held in New York University. Attending the conference were political scientists and representatives of leading American Universities. GUAM countries were represented by Azerbaijani and Ukrainian, Georgian and Moldova permanent representatives to the UN.

Mehtiyev first delivered a speech at the conference. He spoke about GUAM’s function, as well as successes of the organization achieved recently. Mehtiyev informed of Azerbaijan’s policy on diversification of energy supply, cooperation in this sphere with GUAM partners and international organizations.

 The lasting conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan causes serious problems and hinders regional cooperation in the region.

Participants of the conference discussed joint economic planning and development issues of GUAM member-countries, as well as GUAM’s place in the system of global energy diversification and frozen conflicts.