“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine made European integration in Government’s activity as a strategy priority by having approved the Government Action Program “Ukrainian Breakthrough: for People, not for Politicians” as the basis,” Vice Prime Minister for European and International Integration Hryhoriy Nemyrya said, according to the government’s press-office.

“This is the first program of the Government which reflects philosophy of the European integration, first of all, as a priority of home but not foreign policy,” Hryhoriy Nemyrya stated at the Govt sitting.

“The suggestions made by practically every ministry concerned exactly strengthening of the European measuring of this program”.

Discussion of the draft Government Program concerned, in particular, strengthening of the coordination system of European integration at the political level, guarantee of Ukraine’s soonest accedence to the WTO, beginning of negotiations on free trade area, simplification of visa regime, participation of Ukraine in the EU programs and agencies and development of energy cooperation.