This autumn, the nearest NATO Summit in Riga, Ukraine will not be able to join the NATO Membership Plan because of the anti-NATO campaign in the country, according to Hryhoriy Perepelytsia, director of the Foreign Policy Institute at the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

He disclosed this to an UNIAN correspondent, commenting on the statement of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who said that Ukraine will not be invited to become a NATO member at the next summit (in Riga in November).

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H.Perepelytsia noted that, except for several technical moments, the Alliance was ready to “jin Ukraine to the membership Plan” at the Riga Summit. “The developments in the course of the anti-NATO campaign very much influenced the position of the leading NATO countries concerning Ukraine’s joining the Plan. In this regard, the large-scale anti-NATO campaign was “successful” in Ukraine”, H.Perepelytsia said. He surmised that this campaign will develop in Ukraine in the nearest half-year.