President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and President of the Republic of Hungary László Sólyom have discussed points of future talks which shall be a part of an official visit of László Sólyom to Ukraine in March 2008, according to the President`s press-office.

Among projects to be discussed V. Yushchenko named completing Chop- Záhony railway line which would make possible to increase cargo transit between Ukraine and Hungary by 30 million tons yearly. Another important aspect of economic cooperation between our states is improving Ukrainian-Hungarian border infrastructure which shall positively influence investments and tourist flow as well as trade relations.

Among humanitarian incentives is placing a memorable sign on Veretskyi Pass in honor of Hungarians’ regaining their Homeland. Ukrainian side counts on support of Hungarian side in opening monument to Holodomor victims in Budapest.

From his part László Sólyom expressed a range of ecological incentives such as establishing a transboundary reserve in Carpathian Mountains and starting a project on water quality control in Tisa River.