NATO will not accept Georgia without the other three GUAM countries ( Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Ukraine). “Should Georgia be accepted to NATO it will be a geo-political defeat for Russia,” a leading German expert Alexander Rar said.

The Georgian Central Election Committee (CEC) released the preliminary data on the referendum on ‘Do You Want Georgia to Join NATO?’ which was held in line with the presidential elections on 5 January. A total of 72.2% of the votes were positive.

Georgia cannot be accepted to NATO only through its own wish, Rar said to Trend in a telephone talk on 17 January. “The issue is who will invite Georgia to NATO. The European Union does not want to seriously undermine its relations with Russia because of Georgia, and the West will have a good think before making its decision and will naturally look towards Baku and Kiev. Georgia will not likely be accepted to NATO without the rest of the GUAM countries,” the expert said.