Iranian foreign minister, who is in Georgia to attend swearing in ceremony of the country`s new president, said Ukrainian deputy prime minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya that the expansion of Iran-Ukraine relations needs a new mechanism and design, according to Islamic News Agency.

He said in a meeting with Ukrainian official Hryhoriy Nemyrya that economic field for bilateral cooperation has a great potential which should be fully used in future. He said there is a strong political will in Iran for boosting ties with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyrya told Mottaki that the new Ukrainian government is ready for comprehensive cooperation with Iran in all available fields, and related mechanism for upgrading economic ties should be found in the future sessions of joint Iran-Ukraine economic commission.

He said cooperation in the fields of air transportation, passenger plane and wagon manufacturing as well as energy are among fields which deserve special attention.

He said that in the near future an Ukrainian delegation will visit Tehran to examine the potentials of cooperation in the fields of energy, oil and gas.