Most parents wait 9 months to hold their bundle of joy. But one Knoxville couple waited more than a year for three boys who were growing up in Ukranian orphanages, according to an article by Yvette Martinez, WBIR-TV.

Saturday their three American daughters met their three Europeon brothers for the first time at the McGhee Tyson Airport.

Stephen Eimers was overwelmed by emotion to see his children finally meet. Stephen and Melissa Eimers rushed into the arms of their family and friends.

The crowd brought Russian signs and warm hugs to communicate a warm welcome for the young boys ranging from 4 years to 8 years old.

Max is the oldest. He was separated from his two younger brothers Misha and Vitali for more than a year. They were in separate Ukraine orphanages just a block away from each other.

"We can change their entire lives and for us that was one of the main reasons we went was we knew we change three little boys outcomes," adopted father Stephen Eimers said.

The Eimers saved more than $50,000 to finance the adoption which started in November 2006. They left Knoxville in December 2007 to meet the boys they now call sons.

"Max our oldest he, he chose us he had the opportunity to say no and when you hear that, just that sweet little "Da" in Russian you know that you`re chosen," Eimers said.

After 5 weeks overseas, the Eimers are home. Now, the parents of six children, but their hearts still ache for the orphans they couldn`t adopt.

"The thing is there`s still 90 children in Max`s orphanage there`s 60 children in the baby home," Eimers said.

Now the Eimers say friends, relatives, their church and countless prayers will help them to blend their family.

"Our pastor talks about when you know your `why` you can live with any `how`. We know our `why`. We know our `why`," Eimers said.

 By Yvette Martinez, WBIR-TV