Chief of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security and Defense Anatoliy Hrytsenko claims that Defense Minister Yuri Yekhanurov disseminated false information that there were no attempts to transfer the Presidential Regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the State Guards Service.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this to journalists after the committee sitting on Wednesday.

According to A.Hrytsenko, today one of the State Guards Service deputy chiefs confirmed “for a protocol” that this issue was discussed in the Defense Ministry as early as on January 16.

“He testified that Yekhanurov disseminated false information, when he said that this issue was closed long ago and that he had reported to the President about that on January 5”, A.Hrytsenko stressed.

“On the instruction of the President’s Chief of Staff, this issue was considered on January 16”, he noted. According to A.Hrytsenko, the State Guards Service deputy chief confirmed that this issue was lifted and will not be raised any more.

At the same time, A.Hrytsneko disclosed that the committee commissioned him to write a letter to the President, the Verkhovna Rada Speaker, and the Prime Minister, to express concern about the illegal attempts to transfer the regiment.