The State Duma denounced on Friday the Russo-Ukrainian inter-governmental agreement on facilities of the missile attack early warning and space control systems. It was signed in Kiev on February 28, 1997, according to Itar-Tass.

The explanatory note, calling for the denunciation of the Russo-Ukrainian accords, says that Russia should renounce the use of the Mukachevo and Sevastopol facilities of the missile attack early-warning system. The service life of those facilities had expired in 2005 and their “contribution to the implementation of the early-warning system’s tasks is minimal,” the document says.

According to, Russia has decided to stop using military radars built during the Soviet era in Ukraine against the background of Kiev’s bid to become a NATO member.

Russian lawmakers simultaneously voted to extend another deal calling Ukraine to help maintain Russian ballistic missiles. The move displays strong military ties between Russia and Ukraine.