U.S. Senator Barack Obama welcomes Ukraine`s readiness to advance MAP with NATO

14:53, 30 January 2008
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He called on NATO leaders to continue building free Europe

U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today released a statement on Ukraine`s readiness to advance a Membership Action Plan (MAP) with NATO. According to the Senator’s press, office, the statement reads as follows:

"I welcome the decision by President Viktor Yushchenko, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and Parliament Chairman Arseny Yatsenyuk to declare Ukraine`s readiness to advance a Membership Action Plan (MAP) with NATO.

"The extension of NATO membership to new democracies in Europe has helped create a zone of peace and prosperity across Europe and enhanced NATO`s military capability by facilitating contributions from new members. I therefore applaud the Ukrainian leaders` commitment to deepening the democratic reforms required of all NATO members and to undertaking new responsibilities in their relationship with the Alliance.

The Ukrainian leadership`s determination to foster national unity and consult the Ukrainian people on the question of Ukraine`s future in NATO demonstrates the importance they place on national unity and open, democratic debate.

"NATO`s upcoming summit in Bucharest in April 2008 is a critical opportunity to continue to build the Europe "whole and free" that has been the goal of all recent U.S. presidents. I call on President Bush and all of NATO`s leaders to seize that opportunity."

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