The European Parliament has started a debate the possible American anti-missile shield facilities in Poland, informs DZIENNIK.

EU politicians are afraid that, due to the system, the whole continent, not just Poland, will be more liable to suffer from terrorist attacks. Therefore the decision shouldn’t be taken voluntarily by Poland but consulted with the European Union. They are right, claims a columnist of the newspaper. We, the Poles, demand European solidarity whenever we find anything wrong: the Russian embargo on our meat or the Baltic gas pipeline. In the case of the shield Europe needs Poland’s solidarity. Donald Tusk, the Polish Prime Minister, has announced that Russia would be consulted on the shield, even though the Kremlin cannot forbid the system as such. Europe should have at least the same privilege, writes the columnist.

The deal on situating the shield in Poland will be done, says Prime Minister Donald Tusk, quoted by GAZETA WYBORCZA. Last Wednesday Mr Tusk announced priorities in Poland’s foreign policy. Poland has to integrate fully with the European Union, America is a key partner. Russia is getting more important, and Ukraine should be close to Europe – that’s the summary. Donald Tusk called the EU “the second homeland” but also promised that Poland would, as frequently as possible, participate in NATO missions, informs the newspaper.

One should have 100m US dollars to become a president of the United States, claims Lech Walesa, the former Polish President and an icon of the Solidarity social movement. SUPER EXPRESS, a tabloid newspaper, has printed his comment of the election campaign in the US. Some people think that America is a democratic country.

As a matter of fact, democracy is present in their financial system and much less in the politics, claims Lech Walesa. Another former head of the Polish state, Aleksander Kwasniewski, a post-Communist politician, is convinced that the oncoming American presidential election is the end of the era of conservatism in the US. It’s all over. After the election America will be a completely new country, says Mr Kwasniewski in SUPER EXPRESS.