Ukrainian passenger plane ran out of runway at Istanbul`s Ataturk Airport on Monday, according to Turkish Press.

"The Airbus A-320 plane belonging to Donbassaero Airlines stopped at the end of the runaway after it landed at Ataturk Airport," sources said.

According to sources, the plane got out of the runway when it was heading for the taxi area.

They said technicians checked the plane and found no damages.

The plane was en route from Donetsk, Ukraine to Istanbul.

Donbassaero is an airline based in Donetsk that operates domestic and international scheduled services. Mediterranean city of Antalya, Aegean town of Dalaman, and Istanbul are among its international lines that also include Athens, Aleppo, Barcelona, Baku, Beirut, Dubai, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv and Vienna.