Slovakia expels three Russia diplomats / Photo from

Slovakia has expelled three Russian diplomats to show solidarity with the Czech Republic.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger said in a televised briefing they were given a week starting from Thursday, April 22, to leave the country, according to Reuters.

He said Slovakia acted in solidarity with the Czech Republic which has ordered most Russian staff to leave after accusing Russian intelligence officers of being behind a 2014 explosion at an ammunition depot.

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Czech accusations against Russia

  • Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced there were well-founded suspicions of the involvement of Russian special services in the explosion of an ammunition storage facility in the Czech Republic in 2014.
  • The Czech Foreign Ministry says it is expelling 18 Russian diplomats believed to be intelligence operatives in retaliation for the explosion, which killed two people.
  • Meanwhile, the Czech police put on the wanted list two Russian citizens who used passports in the name of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov during their visit to Prague and the Zlín District on October 11-16, 2014.
  • According to Czech media reports, an explosion at an ammunition depot in the Vrbětice complex in the Czech Republic in 2014 was most likely staged by Russian agents to disrupt arms shipments, in particular, to armed forces of Ukraine.