Russian President Vladimir Putin is making Africa a priority, massively expanding military presence says German intelligence ageny's classified report, seen by Bild.

In particular, Russians intend to set up military bases in six regions. They seek to put their bases in the Central African Republic (CAR), Madagascar, Eritrea, Mozambique, Egypt, and Sudan, reads the intel report, Bild wrote.

In 2015, Russia signed the relevant agreements were the said countries, the report reads.

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The document says the Russian Federation is already semi-officially training the African military. To this end, 180 instructors deployed to the CAR and other parts of Africa, while about 20 Mali soldiers undergo training in Russia annually, wrote Defense Express, a Ukrainian outlet reporting on military issues.

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Also, the Kremlin assists authoritarian regimes which suppress own populations. Moscow provides them with manpower – mercenaries who are part of private military companies, including Wagner PMC.

As UNIAN reported on July 24, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has received new evidence that the Russian Federation continues positioning military equipment in Libya and supplying weapons to the front line through Private Military Company (PMC) Wagner Group.