The voting in the United States is over, and according to the latest vote count, the Republican candidate, incumbent President Donald Trump is confidently catching up with his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, and has every chance of being elected for another term.

According to preliminary data from Fox News, Biden has gained 238 electoral votes, and the incumbent Chief Executive has secured 213 votes.

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As of 10:00 a.m. Kyiv time, according to Reuters, Biden was gaining 220 votes, while Trump had 213 votes. Thus, as of 10:20 Kyiv time on November 4, some 66.04 million people (49.8%) supported Biden, while Trump was backed by 64.45 million people (48.6%).

As of 09:00 a.m. Kyiv time, Biden had 224 votes and Trump had 213 according to the Associated Press, while CNN said Biden had 220 votes and Trump had 213.

To win, a candidate must gain 270 electoral votes.

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U.S. election in brief

  • The U.S. presidential election began on November 3, 2020. Trump, representing Republicans, is running for another term. His Democratic rival is former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.
  • On September 29, the first round of the Trump-Biden debate took place.
  • Amid the election campaign, Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, but after treatment he was able to get back to the campaigning.
  • During the election campaign, Biden accused Trump of incompetence and appeasing authoritarian regimes, in particular, Putin's. Trump, in turn, claimed that Biden's son is involved in a corruption scheme in the Ukrainian energy sector.
  • The U.S. electoral system differs from the Ukrainian one. Voting there takes place in two stages: first, citizens elect electors, who will subsequently directly elect the president. Electors are people with good education, activists and patrons of the arts. Voters know in advance who each voter supports.