U.S. on Russian sanctions: Results 'pretty close' to hopes so far / REUTERS

The U.S. sanctions imposed last week on Russia generated results that were "pretty close" to Washington's hopes.

A senior Biden administration official told Reuters on Friday, as tensions appeared to ease between the countries over Ukraine.

"Our intention was to act in a proportionate manner, and to be targeted in our approach, and to signal that we had the capacity to impose far greater costs if Russia continued or escalated its behavior," said Daleep Singh, a top White House international economic aide, in an interview.

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"They're just a tool that can advance a strategy by, in this case, creating leverage for a diplomatic process," said Singh. "In the case of Russia, the goal of that process is for a more stable and predictable relationship."

U.S. sanctions against Russia

  • On April 15, the United States introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation over malicious cyber activities and meddling in U.S. presidential elections.
  • Restrictions have been applied to Russia's sovereign debt, as well as 32 entities and individuals.
  • Also, the U.S. is expelling 10 Russian diplomats.