The two Egyptian nationals charged in Kyiv with kidnapping the son of a Libyan diplomat will be remanded in custody for at least 60 days, according to a Shevchenko District Court ruling.

The perpetrators were busted after kidnapping in Kyiv center in broad daylight a 26-year-old son of the Libyan diplomat, according to the press office of the Kyiv Prosecutor's Office.

It is noted that the pair committed the crime on Turhenivska Street at about 12:00 on June 25.

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The two men acting in conspiracy forcibly put their victim in a car and took him to an unknown location, seeking to obtain a ransom for his release.

Failing to get the ransom, the kidnappers released their hostage.

Kyiv law enforcers promptly detained the perpetrators, 37 and 22.

The chosen measure of restraint does not provide for a bailout option.

The two foreigners face up to 7 years in prison.