Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv ranks 13th among 403 most traffic congested cities in the world, according to a TomTom Traffic Index report, compiled by the TomTom analytical company.

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According to the study, based on interactive graphics, traffic congestion in Kyiv accounts for 46%, which means that drivers in the Ukrainian capital spend 46% of extra travel time to get to the destination, the Ukrainian news outlet reported, referring to TomTom.

The biggest traffic jams in the capital city are reported from 08:00 to 09:00 and from 17:00 to 18:00 Kyiv time. Extra travel time spent in the car during peak hours is 26-27 minutes on the average, according to the rating.

India's Mumbai took the crown of the "Most Traffic Congested City" in the world with 65% of extra travel time. Dublin (Ireland), Lodz (Poland), Moscow region (Russia), St. Petersburg (Russia), and Istanbul (Turkey) are also among the top 15 cities in terms of congestion.

The last place was taken by the U.S. city of High Point in North Carolina with a 9% congestion level.

The TomTom Traffic Index provides drivers, city planners, auto manufacturers and policy makers with statistics and information about congestion levels in urban areas.