"Near the dilapidated house the SBU operatives discovered the carefully camouflaged cache of explosives, eight cylindrical TNT blocks MI-82, and six TNT blocks weighing 75g each, six TNT blocks perforated for inserting detonators. 20 cm metal nails were attached around the perimeter of one of the blocks weighing 200g. The total weight of discovered explosives is almost four kilograms,” reads the statement.

AK-74U machine gun with two plastic cartridges, SKS carbine and a large amount of ammunition of various calibres were also seized from the cache.

In addition, the security officers found and ancient icon of the Holy Virgin, wrapped in burlap, according to the SBU press center.

Operational-investigative actions are continuing into the opened criminal proceedings under Art. 263 (Illegal handling of weapons) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.