The final results in Kyiv are expected to be announced on Monday evening / Photo from UNIAN

Two candidates running for the mayor's office in Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko and Boryslav Bereza, scored the following number of votes: 30,242 and 16,381 votes, respectively, in Holosiyivsky district (the voter turnout was 28.07%, or 48,456 voters); 15,770 and 7,468 in Pechersky district (the voter turnout was 27.27%, or 24,226 voters), 31,188 and 15,605 votes in Shevchenkivsky district (the voter turnout was 27.61%, or 48,331 voters). Their results in Podilsky district were 27,077 and 13,118 votes, respectively (the voter turnout was 28.69%, or 41,551 voters), in Dniprovsky district 49,488 and 24,658 votes (the voter turnout was 28.65%, or 75,945 voters), Sviatoshynsky district 49,196 and 23,699 votes (the voter turnout was 27.9%, or 70,498 voters), and Obolonsky district 45,257 and 22,182 votes (the voter turnout was 31.08%, or 70,058 voters).

Kyiv's Solomiansky district also submitted its documents, however, its protocol was sent back for finalization as it had technical errors.

Solomiansky district's protocol has the following results: Klitschko has 41,241 votes, while Bereza was backed by 21,421 voters (the voter turnout was 26.66%, or 64,458 voters).

Two more districts – Desniansky and Darnytsky districts – will have to submit their final data to the Kyiv Election Commission.

The municipal commission expected all protocols to be submitted by 10:00 local time on Monday, and the final results in Kyiv are expected to be announced on Monday evening.