Photo from UNIAN

Fugitive Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko, who unveiled audio recordings implicating that President Petro Poroshenko reached "agreements" related to his participation in the criminal scheme with former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevskiy, says he is ready to provide the records for examination by National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).

"I carefully studied the counterarguments of the pro-government PR team about the recordings row. The 'recordings with the president's voice are fake,' they say. A year ago, the same people told me that there were no records at all, while nobody handed over tapes allegedly with the voice of [Serhiy] Kurchenko and [Mikheil] Saakashvili for examination, although everyone had asked for it. Saakashvili as a target of the probe asked for this and was insisted in this as well. However, Poroshenko was silent, as nothing had happened.

Read alsoFugitive MP Onyshchenko claims he secretly recorded talks with Poroshenko: Administration calls out report as fakeI ask, go take the recordings for examination. Moreover, I want to say that I am ready to provide NABU with the original records, and even the [recording] device, etc. I'm open for cooperation on this sensitive issue," Onyshchenko wrote on Facebook.

The voice Onyshchenko claims to be the president's is heard as the two men discuss a number of "agreements" allegedly reached with former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevskiy on closing down a criminal investigation against the MP.

The Presidential Administration branded "Onyshchenko tapes" as fake.

NABU reiterated readiness to verify the recordings within their competence if experts were provided access to the original files.