Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin says that, while speaking at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on May 29, he was not aware of an ongoing sting operation by Ukrainian security services aimed to disclose a chain of command to hire a contract hitman tasked with murdering Russian journalist Arkadiy Babchenko.

"I am asked whether I was aware of the special operation involving Babchenko while I was speaking at the UN Security Council the day before yesterday. I was not, and I was speaking sincerely. And I am very glad that Arkadiy is alive. As you see, my message that Russia will keep destabilizing our country, including in such ways, is more than justified," Klimkin wrote on Twitter.

In a separate tweet, the foreign minister noted Russia's prompt and coordinated reaction to the journalist's "murder."

As UNIAN reported earlier, at a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York on May 29, Klimkin said that Moscow had always considered journalist Babchenko an enemy and was using various tactics to destabilize Ukraine by resorting to terrorism, sabotage, and political assassinations.