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Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly says Moscow is behind information warfare against the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

"I know for sure that some Ukrainian TV channels are instructed to attack me personally. Such instructions come from Moscow. This means we are working effectively in Washington, D.C.," the diplomat said at a press conference, titled "Ukraine-U.S.: Why we can talk about a new level of partnership," in Kyiv on August 21.

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Chaly mentioned speculations over Ukraine's alleged meddling in U.S. elections. "Believe me – that was a smear campaign involving Russia and former politicians who are still able to lobby in the United States. They pay for this and sometimes attack directly the embassy and ambassador," he said. However, the ambassador did not give the names of the politicians in question.

He mentioned a case when Ukraine was accused of alleged shipments of nuclear missile engines to North Korea.

"When an article about the possible use of Ukrainian engines in North Korea appeared in The New York Times, we responded very promptly, and it was the right way. The [Ukrainian] president, the National Security [and Defense] Council, and an expert group arrived in the United States and handled the issue," Chaly added.

The ambassador also mentioned an attempt to initiate a resolution on sanctions against North Korea via the U.S. Congress, stating that engines from Ukraine may have been used for nuclear tests in the DPRK.

"When we started to probe into how it could appear there, including with the chairman of the profile committee, we were able to trace its path. That is, without access to senators, they have been looking for other ways, and we have been deterring them," Chaly said.

"Apparently, someone considers our efforts to be successful, so I perceive every such attack as evidence of our success," the ambassador summed up.