Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the Ukrainian army has localized the conflict in Donbas, while holding defense and restraining the aggressor.

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"The army that liberated most of the Donbas territory, occupied in spring 2014, the army that localized the conflict, is the key to returning Donbas to Ukraine and Ukraine to Donbas through the political and diplomatic means," he said at celebrations on October 13 to mark the initiation of freshmen at the Kherson State Maritime Academy as cadets.

"Ukraine has finally an army that can stop the aggressor," Poroshenko said, adding that he was convinced of this in Donbas amid military drills on October 12, when the Navy using armored vehicles, fighter jets, bombers, assault attack helicopters, marines, the National Guard forces and border guards repelled the attack of a conditional enemy on the Sea of Azov coast.

"They have demonstrated very high professionalism," the head of state emphasized.

Poroshenko also added that he visited Shyrokyne, located 650 meters from enemy positions, where the marines are holding defense and restraining the aggressor.

According to the head of state, the creation of a strong army is a duty to future generations of Ukrainians.