President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko named the mechanisms Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to apply to undermine Ukraine's stability, among which are the media resources, financial intervention, organizational measures, and the so-called “fifth column”.

Speaking at the "Freedom of Speech" panel show on ICTV, Poroshenko said interference in Ukraine elections is a key element of Russia's hybrid war.

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"After we've built the army, the new armed forces, the cost – that's if the Russian president decides to go on an active offensive – will be significantly higher than it was in 2014 because this is not the army we had back then,” said the president.

“He [Putin] believes that it will be much cheaper to undermine Ukraine's stability from within and ensure his influence on the will of the Ukrainian citizens both through the mechanisms for media support, financial intervention, organizational measures, and the 'fifth column'; he also had his plans for the church. We won't allow this," the head of state said.