Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says Ukraine now has two enemies, that is Russia and poverty.

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"There are two enemies of Ukraine now: the Russian Federation... and the second enemy is poverty," he said at the meeting of the Regional Development Council in Lviv region on Saturday.

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Poroshenko says Russia is the aggressor state, and Ukraine needs a "cold peace" with the Russian Federation, so that the aggressor's troops and armament will be withdrawn from the country.

"This is fundamentally important for me that a pensioner in [Ukraine's western city of] Zhovkva or a miner from Chervonohrad [a mining city located in Lviv region] could feel economic growth financially, in their pockets. This is our task," he said.

The president stressed the need to turn Ukraine into a "big country of free, rich and happy people."

"The success of decentralization [in Ukraine] clearly proves this. W'll succeed in this," the head of state added.