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A turnout of voters as of 20:00 Kyiv time on Ukraine's March 31 Election Day was 65.35%.

Only 31 out of 199 constituencies submitted their voter turnout reports as of 20:00 Kyiv time, an UNIAN correspondent reported.

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Voter turnout figures in the regions are the following: 66.87% in Volyn region, 67.52% in Rivne region, 67.89% in Lviv region, 62.74% in Khmelnytsky region, 65.88% in Ternopil region, 66.91% in Kyiv region, 67.45% in Sumy region, 63.28% in Cherkasy region, 63.32% in Kirovohrad region, 63.19% in Odesa region, 55.20% in Kherson region, 68.54% in Dnipropetrovsk region, 65.92% in Poltava region, 62.61% in Kharkiv region, 69.99% in Luhansk region and 59.90% in Donetsk region (in government-controlled districts).

Some 199 constituencies were formed in Ukraine for the March 31 vote. The number of polling stations, according to the CEC website, is 29,989. Some 101 polling stations worked abroad.