Ukraine's Central Election Commission has processed 35.51% of the ballots / Photo from UNIAN

As Ukraine's Central Election Commission had processed 35.51% of the ballots in the parliamentary elections by Monday morning, the Servant of the People Party gained 42.19% of the vote with 121 places on the party lists and 106 in majoritarian districts, which is 227 seats in total.

The Opposition Platform – For Life has got 12.75% of the votes (37 places on the party lists and 6 in majoritarian districts), the European Solidarity Party had 8.71% of the votes (25 and 2 places), the Batkivshchyna Party has gained 8.15% (24 and 2 places), the Holos (Voice) Party has received 6.39% (18 places and 2 place).

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Other parties that do not overcome the 5% threshold will receive 11 places in the majoritarian districts, while self-nominated candidates will have 60 seats in the new parliament.

To create a coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, at least 225 mandates are needed, so the pro-presidential force has a chance to create the so-called "mono coalition."

At the same time, the situation may change in the course of further counting of votes.