Photo from UNIAN

The Central Election Commission has processed over 98% of the protocols received from constituencies across Ukraine in the snap parliamentary elections.

The Servant of the People Party with 43.14% (6.160,933 votes) is in a comfortable lead, while runners up are the Opposition Platform – For Life with 13.03% (1.861,597).

Yulia Tymoshenko's Batkivshchyna (Motherland) Party is now ahead of Petro Poroshenko's European Solidarity Party: 8.18% (1.168,449) vs 8.12% (1.159,991).

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Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's Holos (Voice) is taking 5.84% (834,143 votes).

Other parties running for parliament are ranking below 5%, thus failing to pass the threshold.

As UNIAN reported earlier, early parliamentary elections were held on July 21.