Ukrainian President's permanent envoy for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Anton Korinevych says Ukraine has blocked a technological canal located on its territory, rather than the Dnipro River.

"Crimea is the territory of Ukraine, not the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the latter cannot raise issues related to Crimea in interstate relations. Only the sovereign state, that is, Ukraine, can raise the said issues. The Dnipro River does not flow through the territory of Crimea. Ukraine blocked the technological structure (canal) located on its territory, rather than the Dnipro River bed. Ukraine has every right to do this," he wrote on Facebook on August 13, commenting on "the next increase in the Russian-backed occupation authorities' attention to the Dnipro waters.

Korinevych also added that according to all estimates, there is enough fresh water to cover the needs of households in Crimea.

"In general, it is the occupying state that should be responsible for providing the occupied territories with all necessary resources. Therefore, all its claims regarding the Dnipro water have no legal basis or recognition in the international law," he added.

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As UNIAN reported, on August 12, the permanent representative of the annexed Crimea under the President of Russia, Georgy Muradov, said that the Crimea "authorities" intended to appeal to the Russian leadership with a request to initiate a negotiation process with Ukraine on restoring water supplies from the Dnipro River to the peninsula.

UNIAN memo. Water coming from the Dnipro River in mainland Ukraine through the North Crimean Canal provided up to 85% of the peninsula needs. After the annexation of Crimea by Russia in the spring of 2014, the supply of water through the canal was stopped by the decision of the Ukrainian authorities.

Water reserves in Crimea are replenished from natural runoff reservoirs and underground sources. At the same time, ecologists pay attention to the fact that regular use of water from underground sources led to soil salinization there. Crimean occupation authorities regularly urge local residents to save water on the peninsula.